1. I might be over my head here… #newtoys

  2. Read all about my suburban upbringing on @huckmagazine’s site. It’s here: http://www.huckmagazine.com/art-and-culture/photography-2/clint-woodside/ (link is in my profile fe a bit.)

  3. THURSDAY!!!! #woodsidechats HA a very special guest. About 18 years ago @larryransom and I (along with Joe Garlipp) used to have a hardcore radio show in Buffalo. Well, Larry and I are back at it and we will be playing all the hits you love on @kchungradio we will also talk about Larry’s zine @purefunskatezine and events he has coming up… Get stoked. It will be fun. If you bring us a pizza. We will give you a prize. (I think.) (at Kchung Radio)

  4. A killer #zinereport today: @cheryldunn and @everybodystreet sent me a fun package with “She Swallowed It” (which is just too good.) & “We Are All” by @cheryldunn and “The Circular” from @everybodystreet

    Not sure where to get any of this but I’ll see if she wants to sell some on @deadbeatclub… Sooooooooooo good. 🔥🔥🔥

  5. Da Herse.
    Long Beach, CA

  6. Hollywood, CA

  7. The fixed version of yesterday’s mistake. (at Contact Photo Lab)

  8. One from yesterday. (at Contact Photo Lab)

  9. Mistakes were made. #darkroomdaze (at Contact Photo Lab)

  10. Things I make while sitting still on the 5 at 11:15 pm. #murdershewrote (at Hwy 5 North)