1. Goodbye NYC. It was lovely seeing you again. You seem to be doing better then last I was you. That’s really good.

  2. This was nice. (at Whitney Museum of American Art)

  3. Still waking up at 5am. Jetlag sucks. But I get to go shoot Brooklyn with no one around, so that’s nice.

    Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY (at Peter Pan Bakery)

  4. Last night I watched a master at work… With the support of his family. Di Fara’s pizza is the best pizza in America and maybe earth. This was one of the few things I really wanted to do on this trip since it’s been so long, and a big thanks to @mikespearz and @izzy_cohan for tagging along. Go there. Wait a while, it’s worth it. (at Di Fara Pizza)

  5. I’ll be manning the @deadbeatclub table all weekend starting tomorrow at the #NYABF, so come say hi. MoMA PS1 here I come. (at MoMA PS1)

  6. Good to get wet again. Thanks for the ride @bocksel (at At The Beach)

  7. @craighein: “I always just thought this was a Hip-Hop coffee shop.” (at CafĂ© Grumpy,)

  8. Being jetlagged in Brooklyn is kind of making me fall in love with it all over again. When I lived here in the 90s I used to buy all my clothes from Pops. It’s nice to see it made it through “the great transformation” that happened here. Maybe I’ll stop and buy some pants on the way back. (at Pop’s Popular Clothing)

  9. In flight movies aren’t always shit. 15 hours and this is gonna be just fine! (Still not sure if there is wifi though. Both fingers crossed.) NYC, HERE I COME!!! (at Incheon International Airport)

  10. Goodbye Seoul. Goodbye Asia. Goodbye all my new friends on the otherwise of the world. Thank you Vans for asking @tobinyelland And I to come. This has been an amazing time. Thank you. (at Banghwa Station)