1. Here is my sink overflowing with Black Death water. It came from the drain up… That’s pretty cool, right?

  2. Since I’ve been back from Asia/NYC I’ve been staying in a bunch of airbnb spots, because my apartment has crazy water damage. I have to move. This place is nice. Anyone have a nice place you need me to live in? (at Silverlake Reservoir Lap)

  3. A casual day at SanO with Daft Punk. #sanosaturdays (at San Onofre State Beach)

  4. A bunch of fancy pizza boxes made by Mark Gonzales over at @pizzanista. 🍕 (at Pizzanista!)

  5. Silverlake, CA. #undercovercars (at Astro Diner, Silverlake)

  6. Hey bro. #sanosaturdays (at San Onofre State Beach)

  7. Asia. (And a little nyc.)

  8. Goodbye NYC. It was lovely seeing you again. You seem to be doing better then last I was you. That’s really good.

  9. This was nice. (at Whitney Museum of American Art)

  10. Still waking up at 5am. Jetlag sucks. But I get to go shoot Brooklyn with no one around, so that’s nice.

    Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY (at Peter Pan Bakery)