1. Fro-Yo… Forever… (at Seoul, South Korea)

  2. #Undercoverluggage (at Benikea Marigold Hotel)

  3. Thank you Marigold Hotel (and vans…) for the fine fine options in leisure footwear. Also… We are in Seoul, South Korea gearing up for the next zine workshop. Get at us!!! (at Marigold Hotel)

  4. More skylines, more @tobinyelland. Took the ferry over the Huangpu. That’s the 2nd largest tower in the world back there and it’s still not done. #ShanghaiSceneReport (at The Bund)

  5. Pretty sure these ladies were drunk. #ShanghaiSceneReport (at Shanghai City)

  6. Got to a rooftop and shot some 4x5 with @tobinyelland @angela_boatwright_ and Rich Jacobs (why can’t I tag you rich???) #ShanghaiSceneReport

  7. #ShanghaiSceneReport (at City God Temple of Shanghai)

  8. deadbeatclubpress:

    Clint Woodside: Oakland, CA 2014

    we bloggin!

  9. Well… Here we go… 13 hour flight to Shanghai for @tobinyelland and I. We will be running a 3 day workshop on making photo zines in Shanghai and Seoul. So that’s pretty fun! What’s fun to do in those places??

  10. These colors are machine washable. (at Thrifty Wash)