1. @huckmagazine just posted a little playlist I put together for you while you are at your cubicle… This is more about influence and inspiration, then hot jams… Beat writers, Punks, Art nerds, and @littlebrownmushroom all up in the rotation… Have a look!


    (The link is in my profile too…)

  2. Atwater Village, CA

  3. Embracing that golden hour with golden boy @nolannow. (at Seabirds Kitchen)

  4. Gotta send my little guy to the shop… So I’ll be shooting with the big guy for a while it seems. Switchin’ it up!!

  5. Late night run to The Pantry Cafe with Chris. This place is my kind of place. (at The Original Pantry Cafe)

  6. So… I met the Iron Sheik today. So, that’s cool.

  7. San Francisco, CA.

  8. Today’s #darkroomdaze installment. Workin’ hard over at @contactphotolab today. (at Contact Photo Lab)

  9. Otto is going deep at #sanosaturday. #ottovts (at San Onofre, the Point)

  10. I think he DOES hope he forgets you. #foundphoto on the streets of San Francisco.