1. I’m in San Jose. Will you be here Saturday night when we have the @deadbeatclub show “Field Trip”? You should come! You can say hi to #fridadogger while you are at @seeingthingsgallery seeing the show! (at Seeing Things Gallery)

  2. #zinereport: after more then a year… I finally got a zine of my own together. “Let Me Die In My Footsteps” will be available next week online, and we will have some at the @deadbeatclub show at @seeingthingsgallery on Saturday. Hope you dig it!

  3. Less then a week y’all!!
    Opening April 19th:
    Deadbeat Club - Field Trip
    At @seeingthingsgallery in San Jose, CA

    Featuring new work by:
    & ME!!!

  4. Huntington Beach, CA

  5. Hard working man. (at Cacao Mexicatessen)

  6. Since @cameramansion is posting all the pics of @jasonsimonrobertsdobrin I thought I would contribute. This is a good dude…

  7. Working on ideas for the show at @seeingthingsgallery… #edit #reedit April 19th. Can we just do this???

  8. A very red van. (at Old Man’s Surf Beach)

  9. This guy. @devinbriggs (at Huntington Beach Pier)

  10. vansart:

    Make sure to grab a copy of the latest Bliss Magazine which features an interview with DeadBeat Club by artist Rich Jacobs.  

    If you’re not totally familiar w/ DeadBeat, you should definitely grab a copy of this magazine or check out all the rad small books, zines and etc. on http://shop.deadbeatclubpress.com


    Vans is looking out for Deadbeat Club! Thats rad! Thanks dudes…

    (Source: instagram.com)